Stepp Sydnor, CEO of Stepp Sydnor Training Solutions.  Stepp and his team help organizations and individuals improve their business revenues, developing products and services that meet market needs; Improving sales and business development procedures and processes.

I have known Stepp for a number of years and consider him to be the greatest resources I know for training sales professionals.  Stepp is highly effective in helping sales individuals and teams reach greater levels of performance and productivity.

Stepp speaks today about the key concepts he applies when training clients and how he feels his techniques help him stand out in the space of sales and performance trainers.

Books & Courses written:

  • Books
    • 32 Sales Objections Easily Countered
    • Survive or Thrive?
  • Courses and Programs
    • 2 Meeting Close Selling System
    • Sales Meeting Mastery

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