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Got Overload?

Everywhere you turn there is something to distract you from what you are trying to do or makes you so stressed out you want to scream. You do not have to look far; politics, terrorist attacks, disease, weather disasters, protest, political correctness, debt, phone calls, kids’ needs, deadlines … should I stop? Do you feel […]


It is often said “it is lonely at the top”. That statement is so very true for entrepreneurs. Their heart and soul is invested in their business, not just their money. Finding the best source for effective support is hard. Small business owners need to constantly keep their eye on the ball because they have […]


Got “Brand”?

What is important about your brand when you are a small business owner?  Who cares, right?  Everyone cares and you should care the most. Brand is defined by Wikipedia as follows: “A brand is often the most valuable asset of a Corporation.  Brand owners manage their brands carefully to create shareholder value, and brand valuation […]

Why do your customers pick you?

It is not often enough that we ask ourselves “Why do customers pick my business?”   It is not enough to simply ask the customer how they found you.  Digging deeper gives you more of what you need in order to assess and make changes where needed. Let’s look at a scenario.  Your phone rings, the […]

Organic growth – saving “green” to grow your business

Have you heard the term “organic growth”?  For you that haven’t, it is growing your business naturally.  By that, you can grow your business by simply making sure that the customer experience for everyone you serve is so good that they will tell others about the positive experience. Here are a few techniques that you […]

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Working on YOU …

Working on YOU FIRST assures greater chance of your business success. One of my favorite business books that I first read over 20 years ago is “The E Myth, Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it” by Michael Gerber.  In Gerber’s book, he  emphasizes the importance of routinely getting away […]

Excuses get you trapped

Okay, you have a small business and it’s not going so well these days.  Have you stopped to think about why?  There are always barriers, some real and some are just excuses.  I have seen hundreds of businesses fail because they become their own competition.  Business isn’t always about what is going on outside your door, but […]

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Don’t copy the competition ..

Over the last 35 plus years as an entrepreneur and business owner, I have seen so many organizations come and too many go because they fail to adapt.  To succeed, a manager or owner must always be looking outside the box and observe what the competition is doing and what the trends are among successful companies.  You do […]