No, I have not lost my mind.  Read on ….

If you find your passion, you will succeed.  Have you heard this before?  Are you a failure or destined to be unhappy if you haven’t found your passion?

Forget what you have heard!  Yep, forget trying to find your passion.  So much strife is created by our society to find your passion or you will not succeed.  Passion is not a goal.  Passion is the inspiration felt when you are doing something that you believe in.  It might be a hobby, a job, a relationship or a place you live.

Chasing passion has given rise to a whole industry of coaches, authors, speakers, and programs that help us find “passion” and the road to a place of heavenly equivalent.

Let’s get perspective on this idea about finding passion.  First, get off your duff and quit hiding behind the notion that once you find your passion then you can start looking for the perfect job, relationship or next thing to do.  Your passion and inspirational euphoria will come after you have extended the effort to discover something that gives you a fulfillment of money, wellbeing, happiness, and achievement.  After you find that right relationship, passion arrives.  That cool and exciting hobby creates a passion to follow it.  That job or type of work gives you a sense of achievement through meaningful results will only then provide a passion toward it.

So, get out there, take a chance on trying something new in your business or career, a new relationship, a new hobby or different place to live.  Explore, live and learn your way to discover passion.  Remember that success fuels passion and passion does not fuel success.

Keith Roberts, Entrepreneur Coach is a Master Business and Personal Life Coach.  My mission is to help my clients uncover barriers to their true potential so that a new journey of passion and purpose follows.

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