Everywhere you turn there is something to distract you from what you are trying to do or makes you so stressed out you want to scream. You do not have to look far; politics, terrorist attacks, disease, weather disasters, protest, political correctness, debt, phone calls, kids’ needs, deadlines … should I stop? Do you feel like things are out of control and the whole world has gone to hell in a hand-basket?

I find myself becoming more passionate than ever before to master ways to combat the external forces that seek that work against me. We know that what you feed into your mind effects how you think and live. What you eat effects your weight and health. Additionally, who you associate with effects your attitude about how you feel about yourself. We talk to others and hear about what they have, what they make and where they are going .. It drives us to compare ourselves and “compete”.
So, what would you do if you could change everything that is creating stress for you? By that, I am saying start taking control of everything you have direct power over.

What do we have power over. You can;
• Turn the television off and read a book
• Turn the radio to music stations (turn off talk radio)
• Quit surfing the web unless it is for something that will help you be better.
• Subscribe to YouTube channels that are self-improvement or spiritual materials.
• Stop texting as your means to communicate.
• Pick up a self-improvement book (Like the old stuff; Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn or Napoleon Hill)
• Start reading the Bible (a chapter a day takes only 15 minutes or so)
• Pause your Facebook account – you will find out how much free time you acquire. The withdrawals are painless and short-lived, I promise.
• Pick up the phone and tell someone that you were thinking about them and keep it short… it could make someone’s day (and yours too)
• You can take a walk for a half hour each morning.
• You can start a journal. This is a great way to get things “off your chest”. And what is cool, you can look back at last month’s entries
and see the progress that has been made. I have a daily prayer journal I started nine years ago and love looking back at all the progress I have made and the prayers that have been answered.

I could keep going … you got the message I am sure.

How do we manage all the “stuff” that goes on in our lives? I recommend The Power of Three.
The Power of three is the process of concentrating on three areas of our life every day. Simple, consistent and purposeful with a goal of making positivity our mantra. Let’s break them into the major areas of our life; 1) Relationships 2) Professional 3) Personal. By improving these areas intentionally, a little each day, you will improve the quality of our life exponentially. New habits and a new you evolve.