Group Coaching!

Coaching is the process that uncovers barriers to achieve the goals and objectives you have.  Coaching will:

  • support you to change in the way you wish and help you go in the direction you want to go.  
  • unlock your potential to maximize your performance.
  • help you to learn rather than teaching you.
  • provide you mentoring, support, training and performing an executable plan created central for what you desire to achieve.

The initial objective in coaching is to develop an accordant relationship.  This “connection” will support tremendous success in reaching your objectives.

As the client, it is important to acknowledge that an outside influence will be beneficial in order for you to embrace your potential. Coaching is not about focusing on past issues or mistakes.  Coaching does not concentrate on weaknesses.  

Understanding your needs (habit changes or skills and knowledge acquisition) and receiving the proper training and support is crucial for your success.

Needs may be of a wide range including: skill building, personal wellbeing, time management, relationships, business management, business growth, systems, team building, financial challenges and balancing business and life objectives.

After your needs are documented and prioritized, the Coach will will help you clarify and “compartmentalize” your objectives so that each area can be managed through an executable game plan.  As actions are taken, the Coach will mentor you,  monitor accomplishments and be available to help you be accountable to your game plan

Capitalizing on your strengths and putting those to work is a major consideration in the Coaching process.

“Build Your Game Plan” is our proven framework of coaching, training and development.  It is delivered over a 60 day period as follows:

  • We will create a customized development “game plan” to help you build a long term vision.  The key metrics are tracked to mark your progress and hold you accountable for results
  • Access to our proprietary Entrepreneur Academy.  This online training and education platform and its’ material is available 24/7 on any device.  It includes our own proprietary courses, hundreds of tools, books, recommended videos, podcast and other material.
  • Access to the tools you need to keep innovating and refining all of your critical business systems.
  • You will develop new habits that ensure you never stop growing.
  • 1-hour live web or phone meetings each week (Utilizing Zoom or Skype).  These sessions follow an agenda that matches the “game plan” established at the beginning of the program

Unlimited electronic support so you can stay connected with the coach between sessions and focused on achieving the results you want. is part of our unique methodology to manage file sharing, messaging and discussion.