Kim Beckham is a speaker, leader, coach, lifelong learner, and owner of KB Next Level Training.

Kim has been the pastor at Central Baptist Church in Tyler Texas for 31 years.  He has over 40 years experience in leading churches.  When he is not preaching and leading his congregation, he is coaching local professionals and individuals in developing healthy relationships, career development and how to improve healthy habits for a fulfilling life.

To his credit, Kim is a sought out speaker for corporate and non-profit keynotes  He has multi-year experience coaching business, non-profit professionals and holds a John Maxwell Certification in Leadership Training.

Kim Beckham talks about how to create successful relationships and the importance they are in not only our personal lives but in careers and business.

Kim has authored two books, “Hidden Dangers” and “Letters to the Heart”.  

 Kim has been married for 43 years and has two children.

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