Michelle Peña is the founder of SheTribe, an educational and empowerment organization that helps go-getter women achieve personal and professional success. She is the former co-owner of a fitness center, CrossFit gym, and fitness consulting business. Combining her love of business, wellness, and people, she now serves as a business strategist and life coach and has an affinity for helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow a profitable online strategy.

Michelle balances her love of business with being a wife and mom to three children and is equally passionate about helping them uncover their potential and purpose. Always reminding them they have destiny inside of them.

Her company is SheTribe, a heart-centered educational and empowerment community that helps motivated women be the best version of themselves in both their personal and professional lives. We create space for women to share propelling stories, life lessons and zones of genius, plus we host online and in-person training and workshops that help go-getters tap into their full potential and purpose. We are a “come as you are” tribe of imperfect women, running towards what really matters. We give you permission to be yourself, find yourself, and even lose yourself because we know that life is a beautiful, messy journey.


Web Address: shetribecommunity.com

Twitter: @shetribe

 Instagram: @myshetribe  

Facebook: facebook.com/shetribe

Email: michelle@myshetribe.com

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