Think about it, in January of this year 2020 we had the best economy ever.  Unemployment was low in every sector and demographic, we had record corporate earnings, the stock market was closing in on 30k, and consumer confidence was the highest ever.  Then, in just 60 days, we found ourselves in a near depression […]

Operations are the lifeblood of a business Most entrepreneurs remain focused on sales and marketing and generally forget about how they are going to execute the promises made to new customers.  The success of any business is how they execute business activities through operations. How do you define business operations? “Operations transforms resource or data […]

It is easy to get distracted and lose sight of what is important. When we get disconnected from our life direction, other’s agendas may come before our own. One way to stay focused is to create a Vision Statement. Creating a Vision Statement doesn’t eliminate distraction. It inspires us to focus on what matters. It […]

If you want to get ONE important thing done, don’t put 10 “priority” things on your to-do list that is constantly visible.  What is the single biggest thing you need to do today?  Focus on that ONE thing and then move on to the next.  Don’t add to the noise and distractions already around you […]

Deciding not to decide (aka indecision) will destroy any organization.  Focusing on symptoms does not solve problems.  Being “stuck” and not doing anything about it will put you out of business fast! I work with many organizations where ignoring the actions (or lack) of employees, team members, and even the owner had become detrimental.  Here […]

If you run a business, you know there are periods when you wonder how you are going to get through it all. It often seems like the business owns you instead of the other way around.  There is a better way. In my early entrepreneur days (the mid-1980’s), I ran across an absolute game-changing book […]

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, in 1937 created the concept of the Mastermind Group.   Defined as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”  Hill believed “You can accomplish more in one year by being involved with […]

When someone starts a business, they seldom consider the fundamental rules of entrepreneurial success.  We experience information excess and distractions pointing us to a better way to do everything.  All of these distractions keep our eyes off the fundamentals of business success.  I call this “chasing shiny objects” and have fallen victim to this phenomena […]

Most would agree that Abraham Lincoln is remembered as one of the greatest presidents that our nation has known.  Few realize that for most of his life he battled internal feelings of inadequacy.   He was often described as a depressed, melancholy, self-doubting, shy, gloomy, secretive, and non-confrontational person.  He was preoccupied with premature death […]

Make sure you take the complementary course at the end of this short read and learn how you can prioritize your time more effectively.  How many times a day do you hear someone say, “I wish I had more time”?  Is there such a thing as getting more time?  You can not buy it nor make more of […]