NextLevel Group Coaching Build Your Game Plan through group coaching When you work with peers who have experienced success or have overcome something that you are facing, it will encourage you to become engaged and empowered.  There is a mutual exchange.  There is a camaraderie that becomes invaluable.  It becomes a relationship that takes you […]

“Build Your Game Plan” Work with the coach (One on One) Coaching is the process that uncovers barriers to achieve the goals and objectives you have.  Coaching will: support you to change in the way you wish and help you go in the direction you want to go.   unlock your potential to maximise your […]

We have been programmed for decades to go to college, get a 4-year degree and land a job with a long term career path.  It was frowned upon if you change jobs too often because you may look like a “job hopper”.  Also, changing careers looked like you were unstable and doomed to fail.   […]

I recently conducted a poll of business owners, asking what their biggest challenge was.  Cashflow was one of the top 3 responses. So what is the definition of cash flow?  Cash flow is the change in cash balance over a period: positive if the cash balance increases, negative if the cash balance decreases.  You knew […]

Is it time to close your business? So, you have been in business for awhile and it is getting to be more than you bargained for.  You no longer feel like you own a business. It owns YOU!  This is not uncommon.  It goes from logic to emotional as your problems mount.  When things get […]

Hey Entrepreneur ask yourself these questions- What do my customers say about their experience in working with my company? Would they come back? Would they tell a friend something good? If a customer comes back, what makes them? Is it: a) Quality b) price c) The experience d) The value If you have a firm […]

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you started a business because there were boundless riches ahead by being your own boss and customers would be flocking to buy your unique product or service which filled a void in the global marketplace. Then reality set in. The next few years were filled with disappointing revenue and […]

No, I have not lost my mind.  Read on …. If you find your passion, you will succeed.  Have you heard this before?  Are you a failure or destined to be unhappy if you haven’t found your passion? Forget what you have heard!  Yep, forget trying to find your passion.  So much strife is created by […]

Everywhere you turn there is something to distract you from what you are trying to do or makes you so stressed out you want to scream. You do not have to look far; politics, terrorist attacks, disease, weather disasters, protest, political correctness, debt, phone calls, kids’ needs, deadlines … should I stop? Do you feel […]

It is often said “it is lonely at the top”. That statement is so very true for entrepreneurs. Their heart and soul is invested in their business, not just their money. Finding the best source for effective support is hard. Small business owners need to constantly keep their eye on the ball because they have […]