NextLevel Group Coaching

Build Your Game Plan through group coaching

When you work with peers who have experienced success or have overcome something that you are facing, it will encourage you to become engaged and empowered.  There is a mutual exchange.  There is a camaraderie that becomes invaluable.  It becomes a relationship that takes you to the NextLevel.  

What if you were part of a group of entrepreneurs who meet set times each month in a non-competitive setting?  What if you could share your vulnerability and receive compassionate feedback from others who seek to grow in the experience?  What if this group of entrepreneurs had access to an experienced professional facilitator whose mission was to mentor, train and lead this group to become even more successful as leaders?

WHO is a candidate?  If you are starting or already have a business, part owner or manager, you fit the profile.  

As a select member of NextLevel Group Coaching, you will work with a Master Business and Executive Coach who is experienced and trained to work with entrepreneurs.  You’ll identify with other entrepreneurs who work alongside you and your coach to build a cohesive, consistent and growth-focused experience.

Included in your membership to NextLevel Group Coaching program;

  • Your coach and fellow members will meet via Zoom web-based regularly scheduled times for a focused agenda for 2 – 3 hour meetings each month.
  • Groups are limited to 8 members – No competitors – everything is confidential
  • You will have 2 – private coaching sessions per month separate from the regularly scheduled group meetings.
  • You’ll also have 24/7 access to our private support and collaboration platform powered by Slack.  Because of this unique methodology, you will be able to chat, share information and work on assignments between sessions as needs arise.
  • Receive full access to our very own Entrepreneur.Academy.  This web-based platform includes existing and a rapidly growing resource of courses, tools, recommended reading, videos and podcast to help you grow as a leader and successful entrepreneur.

The purpose of our industry-leading NextLevel Group Coaching is simple… to achieve results!  You will be provided methods and tools to become more focused, improve your sales, become more profitable, become a better leader and learn to achieve more balance in your life.  

You will develop relationships with other group members through accountability, problem-solving and learning.  The process is facilitated by a Certified Master Business and Executive Coach with over 38 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and coach.

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), participants in a coaching program experience:

  • 86% return on investment
  • 70% improved work performance
  • 61% improved management skills
  • 57% improved time management
  • 51% improved team effectiveness
  • 80% improved self-confidence
  • 73% improved relationships
  • 72% improved communication skills
  • 67% improved life/work balance
  • 99% “somewhat” or “very satisfied” with the overall experience
  • 96% would repeat the process

You can potentially save THOUSANDS over conventional coaching and consulting with FAR GREATER RESULTS!

Join us and start overcoming obstacles and achieve your objectives.  

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