Okay, you have a small business and it’s not going so well these days.  Have you stopped to think about why?  There are always barriers, some real and some are just excuses.  I have seen hundreds of businesses fail because they become their own competition.  Business isn’t always about what is going on outside your door, but simply what is going on within.

Here is what I mean.  The economy is rough for all of us.  If you use the economy your excuse, think further.  Think of your business like a file cabinet and take note (actually write down your observations).   You might have a drawer for customers, employees, products/services and one for administrative.  Look at your business efforts this way and evaluate each independently.  Don’t get trapped into looking at the business as one giant challenge.  Compartmentalized and deal with each area of your business individually and measure how the sum meets your business objectives.

Are you waiting on the phone to ring?  What are you doing to make the phone ring?  Do you have too many distractions that get in your way?  Are your employees taking on the same attitude that you do?  Is your cash flow (spending more than you are taking in) short?  Are customers buying your product or service like you anticipated?