Have you heard the term “organic growth”?  For you that haven’t, it is growing your business naturally.  By that, you can grow your business by simply making sure that the customer experience for everyone you serve is so good that they will tell others about the positive experience.

Here are a few techniques that you can try that work:

  • Provide customer satisfaction cards on your counter for them to fill out.  Once filled out, put them on your wall.  Everyone that enters your business will see them and get an instant positive impression.
  • Ask customers to go to your Google place page and write a review.  Over time people will see these positive reviews and make a decision to buy from you because you have positive reviews and your competition does not. Give thanks to those who take the time.
  • Ask your associates in complimentary business if you can put your business cards in their place of business.  Make sure that you put their cards in your business.  Try to limit the number of people in a similar business to not more than 2 per type.
  • Get involved in community organizations like Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.  These organizations are all about integrity and give you a chance to be in the company of top local companies like yours.

Advertising dollars are hard to target.  Most advertising is geared for a one-shot message.  If you strategically target your efforts, you do not have to spend a lot of money to grow your business.  Consider organic growth as a business strategy.

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