If you want to get ONE important thing done, don’t put 10 “priority” things on your to-do list that is constantly visible.  What is the single biggest thing you need to do today?  Focus on that ONE thing and then move on to the next.  Don’t add to the noise and distractions already around you by dividing your time and attention trying to do too many things all at once.

Todo list are necessary, just don’t put it where you constantly see it.  A long to-do list can increase your anxiety and make you feel overwhelmed.  Avoid allowing the “priority” list stare back at you.  There is a human nature side of facing too much to do – it is called “Fight or Flight”, which means we fight the things we face and end up not doing what we intended or we run from them feeling like it is not worth the effort.

TRY THIS – make an appointment on your calendar with the ONE important thing.  When done, add the next thing to your calendar.  If you are intentional and develop your own rules about how you use your time, you will be more productive and ultimately more successful. 

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